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Michael having a taste of gold

The Hudson Valley Figure Skating Club is pleased to announce our June (and July) Skater of the Month, Michael Khavin! Michael began skating after being introduced to the sport by his sister, Eva. From the moment he stepped on the ice he fell in love.

Michael started figure skating at eight years old after being introduced to the sport by his sister Eva. He first started private lessons with Aaron Singletary, and then moved on to work with Oleg Makarov and Larisa Selezneva. Everyone who has the pleasure of meeting Michael knows how much life and energy he brings into the rink. Even on a cold, wet, and dreary Saturday morning session, Michael is able to put smiles on everyone's faces.

One of Michael's favorite things about coming to the rink is being able to challenge himself every day by learning new things. He also loves being able to see his friends and train alongside them. Even when his coaches are all the way in Russia, Michael can be seen motivating his training partners by challenging them to jump and spin competitions. Currently, his favorite jump is the double salchow and his favorite spin is the death drop. He is working very hard at getting his double axel and a level four combination spin.

One of Michael's favorite skaters is Evgeni Plushenko, and the influence can be seen through his performance on the ice. Michael's programs are always full of life, and even when he messes up he stays in good spirits. He can be seen chatting up everyone and anyone before being told to practice by either Mom or Larisa and Oleg. Whatever he's up to, we are all so happy to have Michael as a part of our team.

In his free time, Michael can be found playing video games, learning to play Pool with his Dad, or skiing in the winter. His skating is greatly supported by his entire family (including his dog Teddy), and he is incredibly appreciative for the hours his Mom, and sometimes Dad, puts in driving him to the rink four days a week. I think I speak for everyone at the rink when I say that we absolutely love having Michael around and enjoy watching him skate so much.

Congratulations Michael on this accomplishment! We are so proud of you.

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