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Hudson Valley Skaters Make Their Mark in "Diversity on Ice!"

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Two of the Hudson Valley Figure Skating Club's finest members will be appearing in "Diversity on Ice" this Friday, March 12th at 3:15 P.M in Bryant Park.

Jacob Sanchez and Christopher Aaron Singletary have been invited to skate in a brand new ice show featuring a completely diverse cast. With the help of the American Ice Theater, figure skating coach and ice events organizer Miki Shimada has created "Diversity on Ice!", which includes not only American skaters of all different races but also international skaters from Japan, Indonesia, China, Russia, Britain, South Africa, Korea, Tibet, and Eurasia.

Both Sanchez and Singletary are U.S. National Competitors and long-time members of the Hudson Valley Figure Skating Club. Jacob is a three-time national competitor and 2021's Junior Men's Pewter Medalist. Aaron has competed in Nationals in both pairs and solo-freestyle, is a coach, and is a current member of the Ice Theater of New York.

Miki recognized how much COVID-19 affected skaters' ability to return to competition. She said, "I wanted to offer a place where figure skaters can shine since all competitions and ice shows have been canceled. Everyone lost motivation and places to perform even though they have been training hard during the pandemic. My professional coach colleague, Chiquita Limer from AIT, and I used to teach our students at Bryant Park rink back in 2017, and this venue was the place many of our students started learning how to skate. So, hosting an ice show at Bryant Park means a lot to us. We want to thank all our coaching teams, and the Bryant Park organization for making this happen".

Olympic-level coaches, such as Sinead Kerr, Ksenia Makarova, Kiira Korpi, Larisa Serezneva, and Oleg Makarov, will have their students performing. Viewers can expect to see a mix of pairs, solos, groups/ensembles, as well as a feature from an Adaptive Skater.

"Diversity on Ice!" will be held at the outdoor rink at Bryant Park with social distance policies in place to maintain a safe and enjoyable venue. The show starts at 3:15 p.m. and will last approximately 65 minutes.

For more information and updates about this event, visit Miki's website here.

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