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The Ultimate Figure Skating Gift Guide of 2020!

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for the figure skater in your life? Do you find yourself looking through countless lists, not knowing which items will actually be put to use?

Whether you are looking for the perfect figure skating gift for the holidays or just because, there are a ton of options out there at any price range.

We've compiled a list of the best gift ideas for figure skaters (and figure skating fans) in your life to make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier!

Under $25

One way to separate a dongle from the rest of the pack is to have a super cute cable holder on it! There are a ton of options out there, but I especially love these adorable animal ones. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a gift bag.

A lot of skaters might have their eyes on the Edea Ice Skating Spinner for off ice spin practice, but this dupe is about 1/4 of the price, and works just as well. While the design of the RushSlowly spinner doesn't have as much vibrancy and variety as the Edea spinner, it makes up for that in affordability. This product is great for figure skaters of any skill level, but particularly for the figure skater who might be struggling to perfect that one spin!

This gift idea is the perfect stocking stuffer for figure skaters who have a Kiss and Cry Tote. The Kiss and Cry Angels Utility Chain is made out of a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy, and can be utilized for a variety of things. Use the chain to hook on keys, face masks, keychains, or even just for an edgier aesthetic!

Really, any kind of soakers would make a great gift for a figure skater, but these ones in particular are highly rated for their super absorbency. Plus, they come with a matching drying rag!

Skating gloves are a must, and most skaters tend to prefer the cotton stretchy ones. These magic gloves come with a pink rhinestone figure skater to separate your skater's gloves from all the rest.

For the skater who loves to be glamorous at all times, check out these thermal figure skating gloves by IceDress. They offer a variety of colors to best suit your skater's personality, plus a little bling too.


Edea has time and time again released revolutionary figure skating products, and they didn't stop there with their new E-Guards. These guards are designed with nature in mind and were created to allow for more efficient drainage and blade protection. What's even better about these guards are that there is no spring to attach, so the skater in your life can wear them right out of the box if they want to!

Another new product introduced in 2020 from Edea is the E-Spinner. This spinner is designed not only for rotation practice, but also for jump takeoffs. The improved rocker, integrated elastic bands, and special design help to create the most realistic on-ice feeling. If your skater often times uses a regular spinner to do jump takeoffs, and find that they slip off, try the Edea E-Spinner out. They have two different grips available, Yellow for single jumps, and Red for doubles and triples.

What better way to bring your things to and from the rink than a Hudson Valley Figure Skating Club backpack? This backpack is sturdy and comfortable, and is perfect for school, the rink, or the gym. Show off your club pride anywhere you go!


As a skater, getting my first Kiss and Cry for Christmas was a blessing I never knew I needed. These totes are not only super stylish, but also extremely practical. The totes are available in a variety of colors and textures, and have enough space for a tissue box, two water bottles, and a pocket for your phone. No more forgetting water bottles in the car, or having to steal tissues from a friend!

It is super important to stay hydrated at all times, but especially when doing intense training. Hydro Flasks are not only stylish and trendy, but also very durable. They're great for on-the-go situations where things could bang up against it because they're able to withstand any damage. The bottles are also customizable, so you could pick how many ounces you'd like the bottle to hold, as well as the size of the mouth opening.

Learning new jumps can be extremely scary sometimes, but knowing that your body will be protected if you fall can help reduce that fear. Jerry's, a long time trusted figure skating brand, offer their version of "crash pads" for only $45. That's a pretty low price for protection!

Lululemon leggings have been a long time favorite among figure skaters, so much so that their Wunder Under line has been improved for figure skaters specifically! I am a lover of the classic material known as Full-On Luxtreme, but they are also offered in the Luxtreme fabric which has a slicker feel. I love these super high rise leggings because they're extremely stylish, and look great with any cropped athletic top. Lululemon Wunder Under leggings are super long lasting too with the proper care (I've had mine for over 5 years and they still look great!) so they are definitely a must have for any figure skater!

Our club windbreaker is honestly one of the best jacket purchases I've made! This jacket is completely versatile and useful for both the Winter and Summer months. In the Winter or while in the rink, layer the windbreaker on top of other jackets for an extra layer of warmth and wind protection. The windbreaker is very useful during warmups when layered on top of a practice jacket, as it shields the skater from the cold wind. In the Summer, you can bring the windbreaker along with you for cooler nights or chilly beach fronts. This is definitely a gift that any HVFSC member can love and enjoy.


Zuca bags are perfect for younger skaters because of the seat feature that it offers. If you or someone you know is constantly having to tie their skater's skates, then these bags will definitely come in handy. These bags have enough room for skates, guards, soakers, sneakers, gloves, and other small items. The frames and inserts are completely customizable and interchangeable, so the combinations are endless! What's also cool about this bag is that the Kiss and Cry fits perfectly onto the handle!

A super useful gift to any skater is a new ice card. Figure skating lessons and ice fees can end up costing a lot of money, so any bit of help towards a skater's training is a huge help! Each rink has their own freestyle ice card pricing and details, but at our home rink in Newburgh, New York you can buy a 10-session ice card for $155. Just make sure that the card is in the skater's name before you buy!

I've always been a fan of the Lululemon Define Jacket as a skater, and as a coach. The tight fit of the Define Jacket allows for unrestricted movement and complete comfort. The Luon material tightly hugs the body so that nothing gets in the way during practice and wicks away any sweat or moisture. This jacket also cuts off at the hip, allowing these jackets to be worn over skating dresses.


Long, cold practice days at the rink can result in dead phones fast. This suitcase not only carries all your skating gear, but also has a USB charger! These suitcases come in six stylish colors, and have a hard shell made with impact resistant polycarbonate material. If you're looking to really spoil your figure skater this year, this is the gift you need to get!

If you want to go all out for your skater this holiday season, then you can definitely consider gifting a Polyglide Synthetic Spin Station. While these are pricy, they offer a huge benefit for highly competitive skaters – especially during COVID times. Rinks are beginning to shut down again, but skaters are able to practice at home using the synthetic ice. There are multiple patterns that can be set up with the Spin Station, and the maintenance is super easy. This is definitely a skater's dream gift!

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